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Can Spousal Support be Waived?

Divorce is the last thing on the minds of a newlywed couple because, no, that only happens to other people, not them. This is however not the situation in many marriages with scientists saying that the greater part of married couples separates after a while. There are very many reasons that lead to this, and there has not been one that is scientifically proven. With this information in mind, every married couple should plan for a divorce beforehand and how they will handle their divorce in case it happens. This should be done whether they see it coming or not because no one can tell what the future holds. Before getting married, the two gatherings should get ready for each possible result and be prepared for it so that they are not totally at a misfortune if something occurs. Having everything planned beforehand will also ease the process for the couple because they will not be moving into strange territory.

No one is the same in this life therefore in a marriage, there will inevitably be one spouse that earns more than the partner. This could be due to many reasons, maybe one has a higher paying job, or maybe one decided to stay at home and take care of the house while the other worked. In very many states, except just a few, when a couple divorces, all the marital property is divided in half, and both parties get each half of it. The court should get their cash subtleties from the minute they got wedded. All the cash that was made by each one of them since the day they wedded and any benefit they purchased amid that time is put into thought by the court. All this will be summed up and then split fairly regardless of whether it was just one partner that was working or one partner earned more than the other. Also, if the judge sees that one of them needs monetary support, they are allowed to make the other spouse give their ex money monthly. This monthly allowance has a name, and that is alimony, which is known in some places as spousal support. The person being offered alimony can decide to take it or to refuse it.

This waiver is acknowledged by the court if they affirm that it was the person’s free choices and they were not being compelled to reject the month to month stipend. They should post the waiver in written form with both of them signing. The waiver should also include a list of all the assets of both parties. This is so that the court can see that the party that is petitioning for a waiver will not remain totally helpless. If the court can see that the party will be well enough on their own, then the waiver is accepted, but if not, it is revoked.

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